NPCC students volenteer at Connection Shelter

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb.-- At the Connection Shelter, volunteers were searching for early warning signs in peoples health that do not have regular access to healthcare.

"If you wait until you're so ill that you might be in the [emergency room], especially if you don't have medical insurance cause if you don't you're probably not going; you're probably not getting weighed, you're not getting your blood pressure checked so you might not even know you have a problem," says Sabrina Stineman a nursing student.

Today, January 24th, 2018 North Platte Community College nursing and dental assisting students volunteered to do informal health and dental screenings for residents at the Connection.

"Health problems usually start in the mouth and go down south so it really is good to get a hold on it from the beginning so you don't have further problems when you get further along," says Jessica Martin, a dental student.

Residents were excited with good news and faced the reality of the bad.

"I learned that I got some bad teeth; I learned that my blood pressure's pretty good and that I've lost about 20lbs," says Brittini Clevenger, a Connection resident.

Some taking the feedback with a little grain of salt.

"Ill be good, just not drink so much soda," says Clevenger.

This is something new that each NPCC program has done and they look to continue it next year.