NPFD celebrates Thanksgiving as a family

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. While many professions allow people to take the day off on Thanksgiving, firefighters are celebrating the holiday at work.

The North Platte Fire Department works hard on Thanksgiving but also celebrates as a family. (SOURCE: Jace Barraclough/KNOP)

According to North Platte Fire Department's Justin Brockmoller, all three stations eat together.

Each person is given a food assignment to contribute to the pot luck.

This year they plan on gathering at Station 3 to enjoy one another's company.

However, just because it's a holiday doesn't mean they aren't hard at work.

Brockmoller said the calls they see the most on Thanksgiving are oven fires.

"On Thanksgiving as far as fire calls are concerned it's usually oven fires and that sort of thing. On Thanksgiving Day we probably have more oven fires than we do on a normal working day," said Brockmoller.

"Just make sure your ovens are nice and clean. Don't let a bunch of residue build up in them and what not. Again, keep a close eye on that turkey when it's in there."

Brockmoller said he enjoys spending Thanksgiving with his crew and explains they're like his extended family.