NPHS Seniors reflect on graduating

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. Sunday was the day high school seniors at North Platte High School would be walking across the stage and receiving their diplomas.

Families of NPHS seniors place signs in their front yards honoring their student. (Source: KNOP/Jace Barraclough)

"I remember at the beginning of the year I was talking to my friends and we were all saying how excited we were to go to our last prom and have Senior Awards Night, then walk across the stage which would've been today," said NPHS Senior Carli Fudge.

Fudge said even though her senior year ended in an unusual fashion, her overall experience in high school was positive.

"I had a lot of great memories come out of those years and I've had a lot of success with school activities then too. I'll remember those very, very fondly," said Fudge

Kamryn Hughes said she was looking forward to a physics competition with her classmates.

"I was in a physics class and we were building a trebuchet, which is basically a catapult," said Hughes. "That class got cut off so we never got to finish it. That kind of impacted me the most because I was really excited to take it to competition and beat everyone."

Regardless of how their high school experience ended, these seniors aren't dwelling on the past.

Hughes plans on attending college in Colby, Kansas where she will be studying renewable energy. Her main goal is to become a solar panel salesman.

Senior Emily Hendren plans on studying education.

"I'm going to go to Kearney next year at UNK. I'm thinking about studying Elementary Education and maybe even High School Education," said Hendren. "We can really look at this as a positive thing because we're going to look at this later in life to know we've overcome this."