NPPD closes Sutherland ATV track located on their property

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The nice weather means more time to enjoy outdoor activities but those who enjoy getting out on the ATV will have one less place to hit the dirt.

The Nebraska Public Power District says as of this week, they are closing the land that's been home to an ATV track in Sutherland.

The track is located alongside Highway 25 just a few miles south from the Sutherland Interstate exit. It's been in place for over 15 years.

NPPD has let groups use the land for ATVing for no charge. They say because the track is not being maintained, it increases liability for them. It's one of the factor's that has led to the track closing.

NPPD will now try to sell the land the track is on. As for the track's future, it's up to whoever owns the land next.