NPPS petitions to boost security

Students check-out of school for lunch at North Platte High School. (Source: Jace Barraclough/KNOP)
Students check-out of school for lunch at North Platte High School. (Source: Jace Barraclough/KNOP)(KNOP)
Published: Nov. 13, 2019 at 4:03 PM CST
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Superintendent Dr. Ron Hanson and the North Platte Public Schools administration are petitioning for funds to increase their schools' security.

The administration assembled a committee to analyze the safety and security of their schools.

Dr. Hanson said his biggest concerns are at North Platte High School, Buffalo Elementary and Jefferson Elementary due to the distance between the main doors and the office where people check-in.

Another area of focus are the ventilation systems.

"Air units have not been updated. When you leave doors open and windows open to maintain or monitor your temperature, that becomes another vulnerable spot," said Hanson.

"Air quality improvements are another targeted area. You don't think about that when it comes to safety and security but it is."

NPPS will finish paying for North Platte High School's bond fund next year. With the public's approval they can shift the four and a half cent tax to focus on the Safety and Security Initiative- which means there would be no change for the taxpayer.

The Safety and Security Initiative will be available for people to vote in March 2020.

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