NPPS sees no reorganization of school board officers

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. The North Platte Public School Board saw no reorganization of officers during their first meeting of 2018.

Board president Mike Morrell says he's ready to get back to work and is keeping a close eye on the budget at the state and local level

"The budget is reviewed on a monthly basis and our subcommittees and even at the board meetings so that we can stay on top of the legislature and what is going on in our district and look at places where we can trim or we need to trim to make cuts, as long as we can try our hardest not to affect the classroom itself" Morrell said.

Members say they are looking forward to tackling a number of issues such as improving test scores and attendance, both of which, are on the rise.

Joann Lundgreen resumed her position as vice-president, as well as Skip Altig as secretary and Stuart Simpson as treasure.

Sheila Furley resumed her role as education clerk and Stuart Simpson was appointed as the fiscal agent for the school district.