NPPS to consolidate two elementaries, change preschool structure

Published: Apr. 13, 2020 at 9:44 PM CDT
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The North Platte Public School District will be merging two elementary schools. The Board of Education voted for the change Monday night.

A three-track system at Lincoln will come with smaller class sizes and even distribution of the students with special needs, and behavioral issues. It also includes the addition of a a full-time counselor.

Buffalo Elementary to become a site for pre-school with two Head Start classrooms. Communication Director, Tina Smith, says the merger gives the district to chance to consolidate and re-align the pre-school and elementary classes.

School officials say there will be no need for transportation of students between buildings.

The following options will be offered at each school.

• Buffalo - Pre-K Site

o Preschool- 3 full-day - 4-year-old options

o 2 Head Start Classrooms

• Lincoln - K-5

o Lincoln full-day preschool will move to Buffalo

o Bulldog Behavior Success Program will move to Cody 2

• Cody - K-5

o Bulldog Behavior Success Program

o Preschool - am/pm half-day 4-year-old options - will be moved to Osgood Elementary

• Osgood - PK-1

o Preschool - am/pm half-day 3-year-old (pending NDE Early Childhood Expansion Grant)

o Preschool - am/pm half-day 4-year-old options (from Cody)

o 2nd grade - will be moved to Lake Elementary

o Ladybug Crossing Daycare will be located here

• Lake - 2-5

• Jefferson - PK-5

o Preschool - am/pm half-day 4-year-old option

• Washington - PK-5

o Preschool - 1 full-day 4-year old option

• McDonald - K-5

• Eisenhower - K-5

Starting later this week, preschool parents who have already registered will be called and given the option to stay enrolled in the current session assigned or choose another section based on revised locations within the district.