NSEA president strives to meet teachers, students needs

Jenni Benson, president of the Nebraska State Educators Association is touring the state this week to meet with educators. (Source: Beatriz Reyna/KNOP-TV)
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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. KNOP-TV Nebraska State Educators Association President Jenni Benson is touring the state to meet with educators this week to ensure they're ready for the upcoming school year.

Benson discussed some education and public school issues affecting the community.

She says Nebraska needs to be pro-active on mental and behavioral health issues and discussed the need for mental and behavioral health resources for students.

"We have a lot of behavioral, mental health and discipline issues and there are management issues in the classroom," Benson said. "We're working with our legislators on bills that would help teachers be the most effective they can be in the classroom while providing our students with the resources they need."

Benson also encourages parents to keep their children engaged in a learning environment and communicate with teachers to ensure their child's needs are met.

"Think about having quality daycare, that makes a difference, having quality preschool, that makes a difference and then we go into high school, there are career and tech programs that help kids decide what pathway they want to take," Benson said. "It might also trip some interest that will keep them in school and become productive members of society because that's what we want."