NE Department of Education releases spring '18 assessment scores

Published: Dec. 21, 2018 at 1:46 PM CST
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The Nebraska Department of Education released their 2018 Nebraska Student Centered Assessment System (NSCAS) results.

The test replaces the former Nebraska School Accountability Test or NESA.

The new test scores and ratings identify 156 schools as needing improvement.

At North Platte Public Schools, students are meeting or exceeding state standards.

Overall students in grades 3rd through 8th are 53 percent proficient in math, compared to the state's average of 51 percent.

In science, students are also doing well with 70 percent of the students proficient, compared to the overall state average of 68 percent.

However, students fell below the state average in English.

Currently, students are 49 percent proficient, compared to 51 percent statewide.

While there is always room for improvement, district officials say there is more to the bigger picture.

"I know Dr. Hansen has always said to us, "we want to get better little by little every year," said North Platte Public Schools Secondary Director Vikki Carlson. "So if we can see growth and it's not about how much growth there is. But, if we're constantly seeing trending growth moving up, then those are reasons to celebrate. If' we're still below proficiency a little bit but, we're growing, then that's what's also important to celebrate."

There is some concern with ACT scores, however.

District officials say its also important to keep in mind this was the second year that juniors have taken the test.

Those results show students are 30 percent proficient, compared with 50 percent statewide.

Once again, officials say its important to look at the whole picture, versus just a number on the score card.

You can view the entire report on the department of education's website.