Nebraska Firefighters Museum celebrates 10 years

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Kearney, Neb. (KSNB) - Preserve, Restore, Educate and Remember, that's the mission of the Nebraska Firefighters Museum and Education Center.

It serves as not only a tribute to firefighters but as a resource for fire education and prevention.

"We drive by here everyday, I am still a fire fighter at heart, I had to see it," said Ray Ough, Retired Firefighter.

Brave men and women from places like Alliance and Broken Bow will never be forgotten in Nebraska.

"It doesn't matter if you are a fire fighter or not, there is a lot of information here. Fires take lives. To be educated about firefighting and what it takes to be a fir fighter and what it takes to stop fires and to prevent fires is very important," adds Ough.

The museum features classic equipment like hand pumpers and even a pristine condition Cadillac Ambulance.

They do t-shirt exchanges with other stations as well as collect various department patches.

"We have patches from all over the world, all over the state and all over the country, German, Saudi Arabia. It's neat to hear all of the accents," said Matt Lexington, Museum Director/Firefighter.

There are various interactive kid areas that include kitchens and bedroom where kids have to point out fire hazards in the room.

And if an area of interest isn't currently on display, Lexington adds, "Everything that we get is on loan so everything will go back to it's original departments and other towns will bring their stuff in to be put up on display."

The displays are switched out every October and there is even an outside memorial where firefighters past, present and future are featured.

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