Nebraska National Guard Returns Home From Training

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Around 100 soldiers touched down at Trego-Dugan just shortly after 6:00PM Wednesday evening. They are all guard members coming back from completed training in North Carolina over the past two weeks. The training was an intensive process, but guard member McKenna Eschleman says a ride in the giant C-17 military aircraft was the most exciting part of the whole trip.

"It's so different from flying in a commercial airplane." Eschleman said. "There's no windows, you can't see out, you just feel the drop."

Eschleman's last stop is in North Platte, but the rest of the troops will be bused out to McCook, Broken Bow, and Lincoln to return to their families. As for the aircraft, it will be staying in North Platte for a few hours because it needs 9000 gallons, or 3 trucks worth, of fuel before it takes off again.