Nebraska Soldier Rape Conviction Overturned

A Nebraska man's rape sentence is overturned by the Army Court of Criminal Appeals. Jacob Whisenhunt now has the option to go back to West Point or return to civilian life. (SOURCE: KNOP-TV/MGN)
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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - The Army Court of Criminal Appeals decided Monday (June 3) that a West Point Cadet was wrongfully convicted on rape charges in May 2017. Nebraska native, Jacob Whisenhunt, can now return to West Point or return to civilian life.

Whisenhunt's attorney, William Cassara, through his facebook page, says, "I am thrilled to say that for the third time in two months a client of ours will be leaving prison a free man. Our client was a 19 year old cadet at West Point when he was convicted of the sexual assault of another cadet and sentenced to an astounding 21 years in prison. We successfully argued on appeal that the evidence was insufficient to sustain a conviction ."

The appeals court cited a lack of evidence to prove the sex wasn't consensual. In July 2016, Whisenhunt was accused of assaulting a female cadet during a summer field training event.

Cassara says, "We are elated for this young man and his family."