Nebraska State Patrol, Troop D responds to 20 accidents on icy morning

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb.-- With an icy start to the work week, Nebraska State Patrol, Troop D responded to about 20 calls for service on the morning of Mon., Feb. 5.

Capt. Martin Denton of Troop D says that the calls started coming in as early as 6:30 a.m., and, luckily, those calls were for slide offs and minor accidents.

From those minor accidents on Interstate 80, no one was transported to the hospital.

Denton says that, although these were minor accidents, the outcome is not necessarily minor. An accident with a commercial truck left packages scattered on the interstate. Denton says that these accidents not only cost money, but time and product.

After a busy morning, the afternoon was calmer for troopers. State crews were busy on the roads working on ice removal. Some sun also helped fight that ice later in the day.

Denton says to be vigilant on the roads during the winter.

"The hard part about [driving in these conditions] is that [there's] ice. You don't see it," Denton said. "When we see the snow, people slow down. They drive a little bit differently because they can physically see it, but, with the ice, you don't know it's underneath you until you start to slide."

Denton encourages drivers to not be over-confident in their car's abilities.

"Be the driver and don't let you car drive you," Denton said, referring to cruise control and other special features on cars.

"Wintertime in Nebraska can be lots of different types of weather," Denton said. "We still have snow on the ground. That's nice. It provides good moisture for us; but, always understand that that ice can be anywhere and it can be hiding under the snow; so, be mindful and again, slow down, increase your distances, and always buckle up."

Denton adds that Interstate 80 was closed for about an hour in the morning from Paxton to Sutherland due to an accident; but, cars were diverted to Highway 30 and crews cleared the scene quickly.