Nebraska mom says son's Cub Scout lessons saved her life

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GRETNA, Neb (AP) - An eastern Nebraska woman said lessons her son learned in Cub Scouts saved her life.

Rebecca Campbell said she and her three children had just begun to eat supper last Wednesday at their Gretna home when a piece of chicken lodged in her throat. She got up but then collapsed, unable to talk or catch a breath.

Soon her 8-year-old son, Caden, was at her side while his younger sister, Lilly, pulled away the family dog and his older brother, Colton, stood ready with a tissue to grab the chicken. Caden then employed the Heimlich maneuver, thrusting his fists upward on her abdomen several times until the meat loosened and his mom could cough and breathe.

She said she told Caden, "'Do you know you just saved my life?"'

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