Neighbors say 'Canterbury Cannibal' won't return to neighborhood

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BLAIR, Neb. (WOWT) - People in a Blair neighborhood are relieved to hear that their new neighbor won't be returning to their streets.

Just last week many realized Dale Bolinger was living among them, after serving time in the UK.

A jury convicted him of grooming a 14-year old for sex. He told that girl he also wanted to kill her...and eat her.

Neighbors we spoke to didn't want to be identified but all seem to agree on keeping Bolinger out of the neighborhood.

"It just seems inappropriate for someone to live here with so many families and little kids," said one neighbor.

Another neighbor showed us a copy of an email sent out by Steve, the man who was hosting Bolinger.

In the email, Steve tells his neighbors, Bolinger "will not be returning to our house" and "my sincerest apologies for what has developed here."

Bolinger is currently being held by the Washington County Sheriff's office, according to online jail records.

No charges are listed, which can mean that a person is being held on a mental health warrant, but the sheriff's department is unable to confirm that.

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