The North Platte Chamber and Development Corporation elects new Vice President

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - A familiar face will soon be back at the North Platte Chamber and Development Corporation. Kathy Swain will take on the role of the Chamber Vice President this month.

Current Vice President John Hales is retiring after 5 years in the position. Hales believes Kathy and her 18 previous years of experience at the chamber will be a good fit for the role. Hales said, "She knows everybody and she'll fit right in. It'll be a smooth transition for the chamber and it will make life a lot easier for the people that are here."

Kathy understands the potential that North Platte has, and is excited to be a part of it. Swain said, "North Platte can build on whatever we have, we have great people, our city people are just moving forward so we just have to jump on board and move forward and not worry about what was in the past."

Kathy plans to focus on retail, which she says is not only a North Platte issue but a national issue. Swain said, "We just have to work a little harder and help our smaller businesses that are owned by local people, it gives us those the opportunities to move their niche forward and help them grow and help our community keep those dollars here for us so we can keep growing North Platte, it's a great community."

John Hales will officially retire on April 25th and Kathy Swain will officially begin on April 29th.