New Dental Procedure Reduces Pain And Cost

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Going to the dentist is never painless, but a new procedure will reduce the pain involved in fixing receding gums.

The procedure is called the Chao Pinhole Technique. Instead of using skin from the roof of your mouth to graft to the gums, the gum tissue is just lifted up without the use of scalpels. The procedure is much less painful than the methods previously used on receding gums.

"That's what's amazing is it certainly isn't worse than doing a filling, you know?" Dr. Charles Boettcher said. "And I always say "nothing is quite as fun as Disney World." but it certainly is much less painful than anything... than almost anything we do!"

The pinhole technique is also slightly less expensive than the old method. Doctor Boettcher is the only dentist in Western Nebraska certified to do the technique with less than 1200 people in the world knowing how to do it.