New phone policy in place for high school students

Published: Nov. 5, 2019 at 4:13 PM CST
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Teenagers and cell phones. You usually don't see one without seeing the other. Educators at North Platte High School decided they needed to break them up in order for students to be more successful in the classroom. A new school policy went into affect this fall.

You won't see students on their phones inside a North Platte High School classroom.

"Well at first I just I was totally against it, you know how most teenagers would act. I was like well it's dumb I'm 18 years old they shouldn't be able to take my stuff away. I thought it was kind of, kind of stupid," said Maggie Lashley a senior, "but then once we kinda got in the groove of things i realized that i was actually doing better focusing in my classes and focusing on my teachers and getting involved in class discussions."

Phones are either in book bags or what they cell phone cubbies. There are times throughout the day where students are allowed to use their cell phones, lunch, classroom breaks, and in the halls. But once they are in the classroom, it is phones off.

Scott Siegel, the Principal said, "I think when the smartphone came along especially it's it's very easy for us whether we're children or adults to distract ourselves and in order to support students we've got to help them to learn how to manage their time to where if they've got a job in front of them they can focus on their job, which is learning here. It's a life skill."

The goal is for teachers and students to be on same page. The rule is new so it is not perfect but a promising step forward for learning at North Platte High School.

"I know a lot of students don't like the cell phone policy but in all honesty it helps us be a lot more productive. Because in my personal opinion the more I get done at school the less i have to take home," said Mia Hilber-Hansmeier a Senior at North Platte High School.

Some students find that cyber bullying has been less common in the school as well as enjoy talking to those around them.

"I just started talking to people in that class more and I know them better than I did last year because I'm not on my phoine and we're not on our phone and we're actually having face to face conversations," said Lashley.

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