New sites mean improved safety for sheriff's department

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP)- The Lincoln County Sheriff's Department is in the market for new rifle sites.

Sheriff Jerome Kramer made a presentation at the Lincoln County Commissioners Meeting Monday morning demonstrating how they work and spoke of their importance to the department and in turn the community. Commissioners were able to look through the new sights for the AS-15 rifles.

The Sheriff's Department is working with the Mid Nebraska Community Foundation to fundraise for holographic sites. You can see through both eyes when looking through them, which allows for officials to use their peripheral vision and be more aware of their surroundings in emergency situations.

Sheriff Kramer explained the technology behind the advanced sights.

"There's a dot in the scope so that you can get on your target quickly and accurately. You're able to shoot with both eyes open so you have your peripheral vision and so you can better identify other threats that may come to into the picture. They're just safer for the public and safer for us because of the accuracy and the quickness," said Kramer.

Each sight costs around $550 dollars. Sheriff Kramer is now asking for public donations. Each donation is tax-deductible