Next Generation 911 calling system to add location accuracy

Published: Dec. 5, 2019 at 6:42 AM CST
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An overhaul to Nebraska’s 911 system is on its way. It’s part of a nationwide effort to bring call centers into the digital age creating a faster more efficient system that can locate people calling in from cell phones.

Right now if you call into 911 from a cell phone and can’t relay your location the dispatcher is relying primarily on cell towers to get your location, and it’s not that accurate.

Nebraska received nearly $2 million in federal funds this August to help establish a statewide, digital base 911 system. This is known as generation 911.

Text, voice, photos, or videos will all be able to be received.

"Next Gen is also the system that supports our center and becoming more internet-protocol based as opposed to the old copper wire phone system which right now just tells us the town you’re calling in with your cell phone and gives us an approximate location,” said Bill Muldoon, Director of Emergency Communications.

Officials said the new system will have pinpoint accuracy and they’re aiming to have it up and running within three to five years.

Nebraska was one of 34 states to receive federal funds for the Next Generation 911 System. Iowa was also on the list.

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