North Platte Fire Department raises money and donates coats to kids

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - Firefighters presented kids with brand new coats Friday at Washington Elementary School.

The North Platte Fire Department started fundraising in early fall by accepting donations at check out at Gary's Super Foods. They also had private sponsor donations from Dr. Deb's Express Medical Care, Hoover Chiropractic and Tender Hearts Veterinary Center.

Through their fundraising efforts, they were able to raise close to $3,000 from the community. With the money, they purchased the brand new coats from Operation Warm, a non-profit that provides coats at a discounted rate.

Jeremy Condon with the North Platte Fire Department said they noticed a need in the community when they would go into homes and see some kids without coats.

"It's a big deal for us. It's one of those situations where we wanted to do more for the community this year and do something that would allow the community to also interact as well. We are in a lot of homes and we see a lot of stuff that most people don't see. We see things like kids going around without coats and it's hard for us to see that kind of stuff and we thought, we can do something about this," said Condon.

The fire department purchased 166 coats and dispersed them to six elementary schools in North Platte. Every dollar went to the coats and what they didn't have in fund raising dollars, the North Platte Fire Union paid for.