North Platte Library to close temporarily

Published: Apr. 24, 2018 at 3:37 PM CDT
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A Makerspace is being added to the North Platte Library thanks to a grant. The building will be closed to the public from May 7 through May 23 as the bulk of the project begins.

A Library Innovation Studio Grant from the Nebraska Library Commission is making the Makerspace possible.

Makerspace areas are becoming a trend, as schools and after-school programs are incorporating them. The library's Makerspace will be for kids and adults, and offer hands-on activities from Legos to a 3-D printer.

Other Makerspace equipment will include a CNC router, an embroidery machine, a green screen for podcasts, and a recording studio. Some remodeling at the library will be necessary to store the Makerspace equipment. Staff will be moving shelves around, and repurposing tall shelves where short ones stand.

The Makerspace will be located where the Media section is currently located. Media will be moved down to the other end, and the non-fiction collection is being downsized.

Library Directory Cecelia Lawrence said that with the age of phones and computers, the non-fiction section can stand to be cut down. Those non-fiction titles will be sold along with many other books, making the upcoming book sale one of their largest sales, (beginning Thursday at noon for Friends of the Library members), and running through Saturday.

Makerspace equipment will be available starting September 3, and the library will have access to it until January 19, 2019. This will give the library the opportunity to test equipment and get feedback on equipment before making permanent purchases.

Fundraisers will pay for permanent equipment. Also, Lawrence wanted to remind people that "Giving Day" is May 2nd, and if you give to the Library Foundation, funds can be earmarked to purchase permanent Makerspace equipment and supplies when the grant ends.

Lawrence believes the Makerspace will be very popular. She said that during "Make it Mondays," the library averages 60 people in attendance.

The staff and library partners (such as the Prairie Art Center) will eventually offer classes to teach how to use equipment, be creative with it, and showcase the Makerspace.

A charging station is also being added along the North windows,

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