North Platte Police Department saves Christmas

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. Police Officers and other volunteers throughout the community bought presents at Walmart on Sunday. The gifts are for kids who otherwise would be unlikely to find any under the tree on Christmas morning.

"Today we're buying for 150 children which represent 70 families," says North Platte Police Department's Chief of Police Daniel Hudson. "But today these shoppers will be from the First Lutheran Organization and the Miss Outstanding Teen Organization."

The participants were split into groups with a budget and lists in-hand to go find items on the children's Christmas lists. Walmart contributed by selling the items at employee prices.

The Miss Outstanding Teens shuffled through clothes trying to find the right sizes in order to make good looking outfits. A favorite item of Miss Fur Trade Days Outstanding Teen Addilyn Wilson was a long sleeve shirt with a bubble gum machine on the front.

"I think this would be a really fun thing to do throughout every single year of my life," says Wilson. "I want to spread kindness throughout the community."

The program has been a big success over the years. A former recipient of the Santa Cop presents raised funds throughout the year to pay it forward for others in need.

The overall message of the day was "It doesn't matter whether you're giving or receiving, service is good for everyone."