North Platte Public Schools looking to upgrade campus security

Published: Feb. 18, 2020 at 7:39 PM CST
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The North Platte Public Schools held its final public forum Tuesday night concerning the district’s proposed safety and security upgrades to area schools.

NPPS Executive Director of finance, facilities and operations, Stuart Simpson and Superintendent Ron Hanson presented the proposal and fielded questions from the audience of about 10.

The security initiative would address safety and security worries at: Buffalo Elementary, Jefferson Elementary and North Platte High School and air quality improvement at Jefferson, Eisenhower,and McDonald schools.

"What Dr. Hanson and I have said over the last seven initiative meetings that we’ve put out is that what we want to really address is the safety and security of our school district," said Simpson, "We just want to address some concerns that we have about getting into the office getting checked in and getting into the building to handle whatever business you want to do."

Simpson and Hanson said the cost for the projects is an estimated $6,055,975. The tax override would generate approximately $5,503,925 over five years.

Simpson said the North Platte High School bond will be paid off this year and what they are looking to do is keep it at that same dollar amount, but use if for these upgrades, so the levy override would not increase the school district’s property tax rate.

"What we're really asking you is we’re asking to take the 4 1/2 cents from our North Platte High School bond and allow us to expend those dollars in our building fund in support of these projects," said Simpson.

The proposed upgrades include:

Buffalo: safety and security access and updates to the pick up and drop off parking lot.

Jefferson: safety and security entrance, air quality control, windows and doors and an HVAC system for energy efficiency.

McDonald: safety and security, surveillance cameras, windows and doors and an HVAC system for energy efficiency.

Eisenhower: safety and security, surveillance cameras, quality air control, windows and doors and an HVAC system for energy efficiency.

North Platte High School: safety and security entrance.

Simpson said the ballot for a vote will be arriving via mail Wednesday.

"Your vote matters in regards to all these projects we want to do around the district," said Simpson.