North Platte Public Schools - Board of Education Ward 2: Lundgreen vs Clow

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Candidate responses are posted exactly as we received them and have not been edited.

Question 1: Why are you running for office?
Jo Ann Lundgreen: I enjoy serving in my community. I am always looking for opportunities to serve. I enjoy talking to people and try to be informed on numerous issues. Education is important to me and I want the students in North Platte to have rich educational experiences. I hope I can continue to play a role in shaping a positive educational experience for students.
Stewart Takota Clow: I want North Platte Schools to regain it's former prestige of being leaders in Academics, Athletics , Morals, and Nebraska Values.

Question 2: What experience do you bring to the office?
Lundgreen: I have served one term on the board of education. I have also served in various leadership positions throughout my life. I enjoy speaking to people one on one and publicly. I love to read and to learn about many different topics. I work hard and manage my time so that I can commit time and energy to everything I do.
Clow: I'm a very good listener which in turn makes me a natural decision maker. I draw from years of experience from 2 careers, to being a Father of 3 with my son just starting his career in the US Army. I've had positions on several boards,but I'm a hard working man who isn't afraid to get my hands dirty by setting policy that will in the end lower our taxes. We should be proud of Our great Town,I will be diligent and improve progams were needed.

Question 3: What makes you the best candidate?
Lundgreen: I believe my passion for education and for service in my community, along with the fact that I have served one term on the board of education makes me a strong candidate for this position. As mentioned previously, I love to learn, to be around people, and have the time and the energy to do what is required of me in this position.
Clow: As a former Paramedic Regis Univ(Jesuit) St.Anthony .,I've learned critical thinking skills. My wife whom is a local girl had us moving back in 2001, best decision we made,. I was a Boy Scout leader, North Platte Swimming team coach(swam U.S.junior Olympics)Coached years of softball, baseball, football and soccer,Regional Board AySo soccer. Active with church, Freemason,. Union Pacific Engineer . Taxes should have came down but didn't,They will With Me.

Question 4: What changes do you wish to see if you are elected?
Lundgreen: I hope that we will continue to develop opportunities for learning and growth. I would like to see us continue our pursuit of student excellence through increased curriculum offerings, more opportunities through school activities and taking advantage of advancements in technology to supplement classroom learning. I also hope we can continue to evaluate if the way we deliver education is effective and in the best interest of our students.
Clow: ReNegotiate upper management compensation, look into more qualified volunteers in elementary schools, increase our resources for Teachers/ Paras/Administrative Asst./ custodians/ maintenance etc. Finding opportunity for Athletic coaches to hone their skills,.
Lastly look hard for more grants for upgraded industrial tech programs,Large scale Technology Grants for all schools ( not tax payers)

Question 5: How does the school board control spending?
Lundgreen: The board makes sure students receive a quality education through proper utilization of district resources that support the district's mission, vision and goals for student achievement. While the board does not get into the day to day details of the budget, they can influence spending by helping to set priorities. They also stay informed so they know how changes in various funding sources affect the budget and make recommendations as required by law.
Clow: With such a great responsibility to both the students and the public that support the district, We need to be diligent with our needs and spending. Vote with the needs of the citizens and not with the pocket book

Question 6: What are your funding priorities?
Lundgreen: Student achievement, teacher development, diverse and appropriate learning opportunities for all students, making sure our buildings are safe and inviting, helping students from disadvantaged situations to have the resources they need to be successful.
Clow: Focused Early Childhood Education
High-Quality Teachers/Paras
School Level Financial Transparency.
Attracting local youth "Not Opting Out" of district.., And to have input from the community on there positive options and programs

Question 7: What curriculum changes should the school make to continue to make students successful in the work force?
Lundgreen: I would like to see continued emphasis on soft skills for employment and life skills such as basic cooking and finance. I hope that we can continue to offer diverse learning experiences through internships, dual credit and other opportunities off and on campus. I also hope we continue to evaluate if we are delivering education to our students in the best way possible.
Clow: Stronger focus on Technology and the Core Science's

Question 8: What are your thoughts on student drug testing?
Lundgreen: I voted for it. Students at the high school asked us to provide drug testing.We want students who are productive citizens, who are prepared for the future and who represent the school and community well. We want to assist them in their pursuit of excellence.
Clow: I feel the policy was brought on by the needs, So I think we should see how well this either fixes or breaks our youth programs. Policy can always be improved and tweaked

Question 9: What are your thoughts on school security?
Lundgreen: We all want to know our children are safe and valued at school. I know school security at our schools is not perfect, but I know there are many individuals who work hard everyday to ensure the safety of our students and staff. I hope we will continue to make improvements and to stay vigilant in making our schools safe.
Clow: As a Paramedic I had the unpleasants of being at Columbine school shooting, allot of things went wrong that day and I myself lost a patient named Cassie Bernall ................. I Vowe , to take school security with the utmost urgency