North Platte man organizes trash cleanup

Austin Hodges helps pick up trash along Highway 83 between North Platte and Lake Maloney. (SOURCE: KNOP/Jace Barraclough)

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) Trash is something that can instantly downgrade the appearance of an area.

Austin Hodges of North Platte is a concerned citizen who know complaining doesn't get rid of it so he organized a cleanup of State Farm Road, Highway 83 and Buffalo Bill Avenue using social media.

Hodges said we all need to do our part to keep North Platte and Lincoln County beautiful.

"I want to pick up the trash between here and the lake going down Highway 83 and Buffalo Bill," said Hodges.

"I noticed a lot of trash around town. I caught the idea from seeing that and decided somebody needed to do something about it."

As somebody who loves the outdoors Hodges said he felt the need to help Mother Nature.

"I guess nature has always been kind of a big thing to me so that's part of where all of this came from. I just wanted to make it look nice. We don't have it forever," he said.

Keep North Platte and Lincoln County Beautiful was also involved and helped with the cleanup.