North Platte native Brandon Kelliher to run for mayor

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. KNOP-TV Brandon Kelliher is adding his name to North Platte's mayoral race.

North Platte native Brandon Kelliher announced his candidacy for mayor Tuesday. Kelliher is the first candidate to announce he is running for North Platte mayor. (Source: Beatriz Reyna)

The North Platte native made the announcement to a room full of supporters at the Switchyard Tuesday afternoon. So far, he's the first candidate to announce his intention to run for the seat.

Kelliher is the Chief Information Office for Great Plains Health and says he's seeking the position because he's concerned about his hometown and wants to help move it forward.

He says his campaign is focused on three main components which include, creating more jobs and competitive wages, ensuring responsible spending, and improving housing and infrastructure.

"We don't have an employment problem in North Platte; our unemployment rate is extremely low, both nationwide and statewide, what we really have is an issue of low wages, in many cases," Kelliher says. "We need jobs that are going to provide people a better wage so that they can make a better life, whatever that life is."

He says if he's elected, he plans to create a scorecard to set goals and monitor progress.

"No one wants to have increased taxes and one of the ways many communities have done that successfully is that they have brought more people to dense areas and they do that by improving their downtowns," he says. "We want our young people to move back here and stay here and how we can do that, is to provide a great downtown environment for them to prosper in. They can work and live in the downtown area, those are the secrets to building communities today."

Kelliher encourages the public to participate in one of his many upcoming listening sessions over the course of the next year.

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