North Platte photographer: 13 years working with former President Carter

George Hipple laughs as he tries on his old hat from his time with Habitat For Humanity
George Hipple laughs as he tries on his old hat from his time with Habitat For Humanity(KNOP)
Published: Nov. 13, 2019 at 5:52 PM CST
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A North Platte photographer has a gift to capture moments in history. He also had the opportunity to work with Former President Jimmy Carter and Habitat for Humanity. George Hipple was the official photographer for 13 years.

George Hipple is all smiles as he reflects on what it was like to be former President Jimmy Carter's personal photographer at Habitat for Humanity.

"I was doing some good, you know, in my own way contributing, you know, my God given talents to a cause I truly believed in," said Hipple.

George was born in the Philippines and that was his first volunteer photography stop with Habitat. Soon he became the official photographer for the Jimmy and Rosaline Carter work project. Ultimately Hipple was invited back and continued to be their photographer for 13 years.

George and the other volunteers would work from 5 am to midnight for two weeks to complete their duties. They would build as many as 100 houses in 7 days for places such as Africa, India, and in the states.

His job was to organize the group photos and photos others wanted to take with the former President. Hipple had a strict amount of time to complete the process and would organize ahead of time to make sure the photos were taken in good time.

He would take thousands of pictures in an hour and a half. He says that he is thankful to Habitat for the opportunity to work with the organization.

"I sat in you know amazement at the, you know, the fact that I was here doing this," said Hipple, "That, you know, we were essentially writing history."

In many of George's photos you'll see him standing next Garth Brooks or snapping a photo of Brad Pitt. George says when you love what you do, you know in your heart where you're at and where you want to be no matter what anyone says.

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