North Platte residents encouraged to sign up for CodeRED

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. In emergency situations, quickly getting the right information to the right people is critical. That's why The North Platte 911 Center is urging everyone to sign up for CodeRED.

CodeRED is a emergency notification system where every resident with a landline or registered cell phone can receive messages about emergency situations.

Notifications can also be customized for different kinds of weather warnings and emergencies to be delivered to target areas based on the address of the registered resident. The 911 Center says it's all in an effort to keep you and your loved ones safe.

"Well, 911 services is when you call us, this way were able to call you if there is a emergency." says
Mary Ann Agler of The North Platte 911 Center. "So obviously, if there is a escaped convict next-door to you, you would like to know that."

It is free to sign up for CodeRED. You have to go online and fill out the form by going to the City of North Platte website and then clicking on Public Safety.