North Platte to treat city for mosquitoes

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - High moisture and increasing temperatures have created a breeding ground for mosquitoes across the state. And in North Platte conditions are just right for them to multiply.

Conditions are just right for mosquitoes to breed in large numbers in North Platte. City officials will treat for mosquitoes during the evening hours of June 18-20. (SOURCE: Jacque Harms/MGN Graphics)

Public Service Director, Layne Groseth, says, the city of North Platte will start treating the area for mosquitoes next week, June 18-20.

The plan is to fog Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Groseth says treatment starts at 8 pm each night, and ends about midnight, weather permitting. Residents can take precautions and close windows and doors, plus turn off window fans as crews treat for mosquitoes.

Specific Fogging Areas:
*all east and west boundaries will be the city limits.

Tuesday, June 18:
2nd Street to Front Street
7th Street to North Platte River

Wednesday, June 19:
A Street to South Platte River
Burlington Boulevard to South Platte River

Thursday, June 20:
South Platte River to State Farm Road
2nd Street to A Street
2nd Street to Burlington Boulevard