North Platte welcomes martial artists for taekwondo invitational

Kids competed in the foam swords portion of competition at the Top Tier Invitational. (SOURCE: Jace Barraclough/KNOP)

NORTH PLATTE, Neb, Martial artists made their way to North Platte on Saturday.

It was the Top Tier Taekwondo Open Invitational at the D&N Events Center.

Kids competed in various phases of competition like forms, sparring and foam swords.

Top Tier Owner Brad Garrick said taekwondo teaches kids valuable life lessons.

"One of the biggest things I like about this stuff is there's winning and losing," says Garrick.

"This allows you to lose when there's not any real world consequences on the line. But, the winners out there, they earned it so it means something to them."

Garrick also talked about the importance of good teammates in a solo competition sport.

"It is a team effort in that in practice you're only as good as the people you train with," said Garrick.

"But when you're out there it's pretty much you on the line. We're just here trying to build the best people we can and help people grow as individuals and have a little fun along the way. Nothing wrong with learning a little self defense along the way too."