North Platte welcomes rodeo queens

Contestants of the Miss Teen Rodeo Nebraska pageant demonstrate their horsemanship skills to a panel of judges. (Source: KNOP-TV/Jace Barraclough)

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. It was a great day for some rodeo in North Platte on Sunday.

People from across the state and even Colorado and Wyoming gathered at the Wild West Arena for the Miss Rodeo Horsemanship Competition.

The Miss Teen Rodeo Pageant girls competed to be the promoter for the Buffalo Bill Rodeo.

Each of the three competitors demonstrated their horsemanship skills to a panel of judges.

The contestants say pageants are a great way to make friends.

"It's also a lot of fun to do. We get to hang out with a lot of our friends which are the other rodeo queens which are here," contestant Amber Gonzales of McCook said.

"In the pageant system we're constantly making new friends too. Like, for example I don't typically talk to Brylee all that much but I've been talking to her all day," said contestant Sierra Cain of North Platte.

"I'd say some of my best friends I've met have been from being a rodeo queen and competing. I still talk to them through social media. Like these two. They're some of my greatest friends that I'll have forever," said contestant Brylee Thompson of Hershey.

Monday the girls will compete in the speech portion of the pageant at North Platte Community College South Campus at 6 p.m.

Tickets can be purcahsed at the event.