North Platte welcomes visitors for A.C.O. Tournament

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. Visitors from across the nation visited North Platte to compete in the American Cornhole Masters Series.

Erik Hubbard of Las Vegas, Nevada and P.J. Torres of Denver, Colorado say they enjoy traveling to cornhole tournaments.

"This is probably one of the best groups of people," says Hubbard.

"I mean, everybody I've met playing cornhole has been great. I've met friends all across the country. I've never met a bad person playing cornhole."

Torres says,"This is a big cornhole family. We know a lot of these people even thought they're from different parts of the country. We all hangout and talk on social media. So it's nice to come hangout and play what we like to play."

Hubbard and Torres say North Platte is just one of the many places across America they've competed.

"I went to South Bend, Indiana for a different A.C.O. Major. Being in Las Vegas we usually stay west coast- Arizona, California, etc.," says Hubbard.

Torres says, "Florida a couple of times. The most unique was Tunica, Mississippi for the A.C.O. World Championship 5 years ago. That was an experience."

They both said they've enjoyed the hospitality and kindness of the people in North Platte. Hubbard says he especially enjoyed Pal's Jalapeno Cream Ale.