North Platte's Great American Cleanup picks up downtown

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - It was a perfectly sunny day in downtown North Platte for volunteers to group together to do their part in the Great American Cleanup.

From A Street to Front Street, and from Willow to Poplar, members of Keep Lincoln County Beautiful, the Downtown Association and other groups joined together to clean debris and plant flowers and greenery.

The cleanup and others like it take place around the country each spring.

Downtown association president Tanner Pattera says it's vital to community development to keep our downtown appealing.

"Down towns are starting to be the thriving point of small communities. People seek these kinds of venues out for shopping experiences, dining experiences. Everybody is looking for a unique thing. North Platte has a great downtown," said Pattera.

Mona Anderson of Keep Lincoln County Beautiful said this year's turnout was one of the greatest she's ever seen.

Anderson said, "Here in North Platte just for this day we have over 100 volunteers who come and help us out. The reason they're coming to help us out is to help make our community a better, cleaner, more beautiful place to live."