Ogallala- A model for economic standards in Nebraska

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. Lt. Gov. Mike Foley visited Ogallala for an economic development tour on Thursday. He visited several businesses including a soon-to-be cultural events center and a recycling plant.

Ogallala is being praised by the Lieutenant Governor for it's growing economy.

"We wish Ogallala could be the model for many other communities across our state," says Lt. Gov. Foley. "They're very serious about growing businesses. And of course that's what Gov. Ricketts administration is all about is growing Nebraska by growing the private sector."

He also emphasizes the key role Ogallala plays within the state of Nebraska.

"Ogallala for many people is the front door to Nebraska," says Lt. Gov. Foley. "With Lake Mcconaughy just up the road, a million people going there every year. A lot of people from foreign states are coming through Nebraska and coming through Ogallala to visit our state. And this is what they see, a vibrant great community with a very pro business atmosphere."