Omaha couple opens business in Halsey

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. What used to be a set of storage units in Halsey is now a one stop shop market for people visiting the National Forest.

Sandhill Sutton's Speed & Supply (SOURCE: KNOP-TV/Jace Barraclough)

Chad and Becci Sutton are Omaha transplants who moved out west to help fulfill a need for campers.

The Suttons purchased the storage units on April 1.

By Memorial Day they had opened their doors to customers.

The couple converted the storage units into a hair salon, convenience store and a power sports repair shop.

Chad Sutton said the idea came when he and his uncle decided to leave their nearby campsite for some hot dog buns.

"He came out to the 'T' at Highway 2 and headed towards Dunning. I said, 'Where you going? The gas station's in Thedford.' He said, 'No, I always go ten miles to Dunning.'"

Sutton said he replied with, "'Well I always go 17 [miles] to Thedford.' It kind of dawned on me as to why there isn't somewhere a mile away where they can get that stuff?"

Becci reported she's already built a good hair clientele in the short time they've been open.

They both said even though it was a tough decision to move from the big city to start a new life, they're enjoying the ride.