Order of the Eagles feed the masses

Scotty's Welding and Repair grilling pork patties for the Order of the Eagles Pork Breakfast. (KNOP-TV/Jace Barraclough)

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. If you passed by the Platte River Mall parking lot this morning you likely saw and smelled the delicious pork breakfast.

Each year the Order of the Eagles put on a pork breakfast for the public.
Scotty's Welding and Repair from Sutherland helps make the food with six large grills.

Ramsey Copeland said he's been helping cook at the breakfast for nearly 20 years.

He said there's a lot of food to go around each year.

"There's about five gallons that go in each batch and we do about 40 buckets a year so if you do the math there's a lot of eggs," Copeland said.

"What you've got on the menue are smoked pork chops by the Eagles that are pre-cooked. they cut them there at the Eagles. Then, we warm them up to temperature and serve them. We also cook their eggs. There are biscuts the Eagles put on and the Boy Scouts serve."

All of the money goes back to the Eagles who put it to good use throughout the community.