Packing their 6th millionth bag of food is Hearts & Hands Against Hunger

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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - About 40 groups per year get together, form assembly lines and pack up the food to be distributed across the globe.

"We've then fed six million people, people that get a meal maybe once a day maybe every other day, so that feeling of helping the less fortunate is great. All around the world there are starving people and we have made a difference in their lives, it is a great feeling," says Jim Krebsbach, Board Member, Hearts & Hands Against Hunger.

The packets consist of rice, soy, vitamins and dried vegetables. Each bag contains six meals.

"We can actually take a child who is second or third degree malnurished, where you can see the bones in the arms and with just one meal a day, that child over the course of just a few weeks can actually have a huge difference on whether or not they will livw,"said Volunteer, Ross Peterson

Due to volunteers and community partnerships, 100% of donations made to Hearts & Hands Against Hunger go directly to the organization. The Presbyterian Church donates space, Central Logistics receives and stores their shipments and Orphan Grain Train of Nebraska distributes and ships the completed food packages.

"When you make a donation of $10, we turn around and buy a bag of rice or soy or whatever it might be, we are funneling all of those dollars back into the program," adds Krebsbach.

Worldwide, poor nutrition causes nearly half of the deaths in children under the age of five, 45%, that's 3.1 million children each year.

Hearts & Hands Against Hunger welcomes donations and offers to host a food packing party.

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