Painting fences for scholarships

IMPERIAL, Neb. (KNOP) The town of Imperial has a new artistic landmark.

Fence on the corner of 12th and Wellington in Imperial where local artists made artistic pieces for a chance at a scholarship. (SOURCE: KNOP-TV/Jace Barraclough)

Barb Prottsman and her husband decided to turn their fence painting project into a way for artists to showcase their talents.

"My husband was looking for a way to get the fence painted. It was worn and needed a face lift. So, he came up with this idea," said Prottsman.

On the corner of 12th and Wellington local artists have taken eight sections of the fence and made a masterpiece.

On the corner sits a metal wagon wheel with a box on top where people can cast their votes and donations for their favorite piece. Donations to the artists can also be made at the Imperial Credit Union.

"The Individual painters or groups will get the donations that are collected here at the box and then the winner will get $1,000," said Prottsman.

Landis Beverly partnered with Allison Owings to create an abstract style piece which reads, 'Welcome to Imperial Nebraska."

"We were going to do more with it and put things inside of it. But, once we got done we saw our competition had done things similar to that so we did our own thing and made it look like an abstract greeting card," said Beverly.

"I like the whole idea of the competition. I like that it's a scholarship which allows up and coming students to have a chance to win money for school. I think it was a really good idea and I'm excited to see what they come up with next year because I hear they're going to do it again."

Other participants include Armando Villareal, Courntey Burke, Yubia Ramirez, James Cigil, Jorge Dannar and Chloe & Kenzie Soltes.

Voting ends September 20.