Parents speak about son stepping into the national stage on "World of Dance"

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MORRILL, Neb. (KNEP) - A local tap dancer from Morrill is set to appear on the national stage in just a few days. Kyle Van Newkirk will appear on NBC’s show World of Dance later this month.

According to Kyle’s parents, his passion for dance started when he was four years-old when he watched “Lord of the Dance” performed by professional dancers. Not only is Kyle a fantastic dancer, but he also excels in piano, violin and as a young boy he was a black belt for Tae Kwon Do.

“He is a very dedicated individual. He never gives up. He works at everything. It’s his passion and he will never quit,” says Sue Van Newkirk, Mother of Kyle.

When Kyle was young, the arts was something he loved. According to Sue Van Newkirk, she never pushed him to work hard because practice meant everything to Kyle.

“I never asked him to practice a day, ever,” says Sue Van Newkirk.

Now in just a few days away, Kyle is set to step into the national stage a dream since when he was four years-old.

“It’s a good feeling. I am going to enjoy seeing that,” says Bob Van Newkirk.

“He said, I want to be the best and that’s him. He want to be the best,” adds Sue Van Newkirk.

Both parents say, they are extremely proud of their son fulfilling his dreams.
Kyle will debut his performance on May 30th in World of Dance on NBC.