Paulsen's Inc. employee saves co-worker's life through CPR

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. KNOP At Paulsen's Incorporated, safety is always the number one priority.

"It sounds really cliche but, it really is our number one priority,” said Paulsen's Incorporated Safety Manager Dennis McFadden. "You never want anybody to ever get hurt and you don't want anybody to ever have to die on the job for any reason."

For Mark Schlichenmayer, June 11th is a day he'll never forget.

"It's never the same thing day in and day out," he said.

Mark and his co-worker Jim were out on a job site in rural Frontier County when Jim suddenly collapsed.

"I didn't know I could run that fast,” said Schlichenmayer. "There was no sign of life, no pulse, no breath. Nothing. His eyes were open but, they weren't seeing."

He immediately jumped into action and his training kicked in and started CPR.

"You don't think, you just react," he said. "You worry about the thinking afterwards. I couldn't let a man die in front of me if I could do something to save him."

He continued to do compressions until EMS arrived.

"Like they say the first line of defense is make that call and then you start doing your compressions," said Schlichenmayer. "I would like everybody to learn how to do it and hope nobody ever has to use it.”

For more than 20 years, Paulsen's Inc. has made it their mission to train their employees.

"Doing it every two years keeps it fresh in their minds and so like in this situation with Mark, he knew exactly what to do, he didn't have to think about it," said McFadden.

On Wednesday, Paulsen's Inc. awarded Mark for giving one of their own a second chance.

"I've had people say that I am a hero, I ain't no hero, I'm just a guy that was there at the right time” Schlichenmayer said. "And it's like I told everybody else, I was just the tools in God's hands doing God's work for him."

The Nebraska Safety Council will recognize Schlichenmayer for his quick thinking and life-saving efforts in York next month.