Pederson announces run for Legislative District 42

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. – Small-business owner and long-time Lincoln County resident Judy Pederson announces that she has a filed as a write-in candidate for Legislative District 42.

“Lincoln County is such a special place to me,” Judy said. “This community is where Dave and I raised our families, where we built our businesses, and ultimately where we’ve chosen to spend our lives and work to make our community the best it can be.

“I believe the Legislature can learn a great deal from the values of Lincoln County residents: We work hard, balance our family budgets, we respect each other and expect an efficient government that doesn’t make our lives more difficult through burdensome taxes and regulations. Those are the values I will take to the State Capitol as a representative of the people of Lincoln County.”

Judy is no stranger to public service in Lincoln County. She serves on the North Platte Public Schools Shaping the Future Committee, co-chair of the North Platte Chamber’s Government Affairs Committee, the re-VISION Committee, the Mayor’s Housing Task Force, the Nebraska Commission on Housing and Homelessness, and as the at-large member for the Twin Platte Natural Resources District Board. She previously represented Ward 2 on the North Platte City Council.

“I’ve been an active member of this community, listening and learning from people throughout Lincoln County,” Judy said. “We all want the same things from our state government. We want safe neighborhoods, quality schools for our kids, good jobs and prosperous businesses that support those jobs. We also want the ability to keep more of the money we work hard to earn. I’m running to bring our community’s values back to the state legislature.”

Judy and her husband David’s family includes their six children and five grandchildren.

According to Nebraska election law, write-in candidates who receive at least 5% of the total votes cast for Governor or President of the United States in the immediate previous election within the legislative district will advance with their name on the ballot in the General Election.

Legislative District 42 encompasses Lincoln County, including the cities of North Platte, Sutherland, Maxwell, Brady, Hershey, Wallace, and Wellfleet.