Peg Leg Brewing set to open in April

NORTH PLATTE, Neb North Platte is about two months away from having another brewery.

Peg Leg Brewery begins its first batch of beer in preparation for their opening in April. (Source: Jace Barraclough)

Lincoln Highway Diner Owner Daniel Neff is opening Peg Leg Brewing in April.

While Neff will be handling the business side of things, his brewmaster Michael Sullivan will be in charge of the production.

On Thursday they began brewing their first batch in preparation for their opening in 60 days.

Neff said this has been a long time coming and he's felt the support of the community.

"This has been six years of Mike and I planning this. Word gets out- it leaks a little bit. The support's been great," said Neff.

"I get asked everyday, multiple times at the diner, 'Where you guys at? When are you going to get open? When can we come in?'"

Peg Leg is expected to open by April 15th.