Pennies from the decades

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. Tim Eggers claims to have found extremely rare coins from a WWII veteran who kept them in a cookie tin.

Tim Eggers displays some of the coins he found. (Source: KNOP/Jace & Holly Barraclough)

Eggers believes the pennies were of great worth to the man as he found them in a hiding spot in his house when he was helping the family prepare his things for auction after he passed away in 2019.

"He was going all the way down into the basement and putting them in the walls. So to him it had to have been pretty important."

One thing about it, Eggers has no interest in the monetary value of his collection.

"I don't even know if I would consider selling something like that off. I'd at least like to get somebody to check it out that knows what they're talking about a little bit more than me," said Eggers.

"I don't want the value of them I just want to know what they are exactly and maybe part of it put on display for people to see or something like this."

Eggers said he would eventually like to put them on display for everyone to see.