Planting the seed for future genearations

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. KNOP The North Platte Kids Academy is planting the seed for future generations with their garden.

It's part of the academy's first ever "Food to Table" program that teaches kids the benefits of planting their own fruits and vegetable while taking care of the planet.

"It's a good motor skill digging holes with a shovel and putting a plant in," said Executive Director Raven Jack. "There are lots of amazing things that are good about gardening and farming and we just need to make sure we are instilling in them that gardening is what we need to keep replenishing our Earth so that's it's here for them and their children."

The kids will be in charge of watering the garden and flower pots.

"It'll teach our young people how to plant and garden," said parent Michael Aguilar. "It's great for our Earth and great for our community. If somebody doesn't have them maybe our neighbors that do garden can give back."

Leaders hope the activity will inspire children to want to plant their own garden at home.