Platte River Fitness Series Night of Champions

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb.-- For some, it was about accomplishing goals for themselves. For others it was being the best they could be.

Hours of blood sweat and tears went into training for last years 20 Platte River Fitness marathons; a handful of competitors competing in every single one.

Over 130 invitees were honored for the participation in the Platte River Fitness Series.

Overall, more than a thousand athletes participated for points based on participation throughout the year.

First place through tenth place awards were given out by age groups.

"This initiative has everything to do with individual people who seek a better life, a healthier life a life filled with friends who are like minded, a life filled physical activity and a zest for life," says Trudy Merritt, series director.

In 2017, they tripled the number of 19 and under age group competitors while nearly doubling the competitors for the 70 and up age group.

Looking forward to the 2018 season, the first race is right around the corner on February 10th.

Organizers say they will be adding a 21st race this season to honor former North Platte Mayor and western Nebraska running pioneer Jim Whitaker who passed away last year.

You can sign up for any race through