Pollinator Week highlights the importance of preserving pollinators

Published: Jun. 25, 2020 at 8:11 PM CDT
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It's National Pollinator Week as well as Nebraska Pollinator Week, a time dedicated to highlight the importance of preserving pollinators.

University of Nebraska Lincoln's West Central Research and Extension Center Entomologist Specialist Julie Peterson says one in every three bites of food depends on pollinators.

"They are going to be the base for things like our wild birds to be feeding on, our reptiles and amphibians," said Peterson.

Peterson says while pollinators are an essential part of the food supply, some human activity has hurt rather than helped.

"It's about really being careful if we're using insecticides on our property and how we're using them," Peterson said.

Ed Dekleva is a beekeeper. It's been a family hobby for the past five years.

"There is so much to learn about bees. They're just totally fascinating," Dekleva said.

In fact, Dekleva says more and more are getting interested with beekeeping.

"People are understanding more about the importance of pollinators and they are learning more about them," he said. "YouTube I think has prompted people to look at things they normally wouldn't."

Dekleva believes the bee population is rebounding after a recent decline and says there are simple things people can do to preserve their numbers.

"Milkweed is huge, that's a big one, it gets a lot of attention and just letting some of the wildflowers bloom and grow."

If your child is interested in being a beekeeper, scholarships can be obtained through the Nebraska Beekeepers Association.

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