Pony Express opens its doors to the public

Published: Apr. 3, 2016 at 5:55 PM CDT
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The Pony Express Station in Gothenburg is now open to the public. Matt Weiss, President of The Pony Express Association, says visitors come because they genuinely want to know more about the history.

The station museum opened to the public in the 1950's. Previously, the station was owned by the Gothenburg Chamber of Commerce and primarily focused on the stations gift shop. This year, visitors can expect to see some changes.

Museum Manager, June Blauvelt, says starting this year, The Pony Express will be a Non-profit Museum. "That means it's going to be there. You just hire someone to manage it and it's going to be there. we don't have to worry about the station closing again."

The city recently gave $15,000 dollars toward the museum. A move officials hope will help keep the station here for years to come.

Weiss said they want to make sure that they're the best ambassadors that they can be, not for just Gothenburg or the Pony Express but for Nebraska.