Pony Express comes through Lincoln County

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North Platte, Neb. The Pony Express is a big part of Nebraska's history and some history enthusiasts are really trying to feel what it was like to be rider traveling across the prairie.

It's a ride that began on April 3rd 1860 when riders traveled between Saint Joseph, Missouri and Sacramento, California to deliver mail across the west.

Recently, the Pony Express re ride rode through Lincoln County

Travis Grasz says he's been riding the pony express re-ride since he was fourteen.

"It's just fun re-encating the trail and just being a part of history," said Grasz.

He is one of about a dozen riders who are helping carry history through Lincoln County.

"It's pretty wild how it comes completely California clear to Missouri in the short amount that it actually takes," said Grasz.

The ride which began on April third 1860 delivered mail across the west in a span of just ten days.

"My great grandfather; Theodore Rand was a Pony Express rider and he rode from Box Elder, Nebraska just up the road here a little bit West to Julesburg and so today I've been following his route. It's a little bit like paying respects to the ancestors," said Grace Rand Nelson.

This year 600 riders will help complete the near 1900 mile journey which started on June 15th in Sacramento, California.

"There are a 1,000 letter in that Mochilla. Yes we sold a thousand letters and we're carrying them. Once we get to saint jo we will pull them out and they will be postmarked and deliver to the proper that purchased them."

The re ride is expected to be complete on June 25th in Saint Joseph, Missouri.