Pothole season: What you can do to help

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb.-- Potholes, they're followed by snow as is smoke to fire.

"Anytime you have snow like this and where it warms up during the day and then starts to melt, that water and moisture gets down in any kind of crack or void that you might have in your pavement and then it freezes at night and as it expands and starts popping material out. So, every time you have a snow situation like this and the temperature goes up and down or whatever it's followed pretty quickly by potholes," says Jim Hawks, city administrator.

City officials say they understand public frustrations but encourage everyone to be patient.

"We'll be out here as soon as the snow dissipates and things dry up here. I'm sure [we'll have] crews patching holes in the pavement," says Hawks.

If there's areas you feel are being neglected, officials say you should always voice your opinion.

"A lot of times the public gives us input and we listen to the public and we'll address needs that we see have arisen that we may not have noticed before so we get a lot of input from public," says Tom Werblow, city engineer.

By alerting public officials of cracking pavement, they say you could actually save the city money by catching it before its a full blown pothole.

"That's really the only way you're going to stop potholes from showing up is by filling those cracks and either doing crack sealing or overlaying or something just to get those voids filled in," says Hawks.

By saving the city money on potholes the city has greater flexibility for other road projects.

"It's kind of a balancing act and we'll try and do what we can to get the biggest bang for the buck," says hawks.

Officials say a great time to voice your opinions would be February 1st, 2018 when they present the one to six year road plan in front of city council.